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Redjak are Specialist Contractors in the areas of Asbestos and other Hazardous Material Removal.

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About This Project

A demolition company and tier 1 builder  commissioned us to remove all asbestos from walls floors and Roofing from a group of 6 properties  in Brisbane that had to be prepared for demolition. The project had a number of challenges. The site was high profile with high foot traffic near by and a hospital in close proximity.


During the strip out, asbestos vinyl tiles were discovered under the flooring which then rendered this part of the job as friable asbestos . A containment plastic bubble with negative air units and air monitoring was erected quickly and safely.


Once the buildings were demolished more  asbestos was uncovered in the foundations of all structures ,the job had now become a contaminated land project. Soil supervision and manual removal of all asbestos fragments was carried out as to attain an asbestos clearance certificate as safely and efficiently as possible.


We met the challenges by using specialist equipment and water trucks to help contain any spread of asbestos fibres. A hygienist monitored the air constantly, and we conducted a comprehensive soil scrape of the area after the demolition.